Smartphone addiction

Best Android Apps to Monitor App Usage and Fight Smartphone Addiction

0.0 00 Smartphone addiction is one of the biggest problem facing this generation. The invention of the smartphone was indeed…

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Enable dark mode on all Google apps

All Google Apps with Dark Mode and How to Enable

1.0 03 Dark mode looks great on phones, especially on LED displays. For a long time, developers have ignored the…

Best Netflix Tips and Tricks

Best Netflix Tips and Tricks that Many People Don’t Know About

0.0 00 Netflix, the biggest movie and TV series streaming platform, is one of the best things happened to this…

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5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

0.0 00 Smartphone technology has grown from nothing to crazy in the past few years. We have impressive triple camera…

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How to Use Two WhatsApp Account on Mac and Windows

0.0 00 WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app which is now owned by Facebook. WhatsApp has gone through lots…

Find saved password on Mac

How to Find and Saved Passwords on Mac

0.0 00 Mac, the 2nd most popular computer OS after windows have a lot of features under its sleeve. Many…

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Facebook Messenger Features that Many People Don’t Know

0.0 00 Facebook messenger is around for a long time. Facebook also ensured that all the Facebook users on mobile…

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