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Best Ways to Access Blocked Websites at School

Unblocked Sites at School

Blocking websites at school is one of the most popular methods school administrator use to stop students from accessing the internet. Entertainment sites and social media sites are in particular targeted in those blocking website lists. The main aim here is to keep students from accessing any websites that may not be safe or distract students. The intention is noble here — no doubt in that. No matter how noble a cause is, students are students, and they don’t like to be banned. Many students are now turning to the same internet and searching for different ways to access blocked websites from their school. Millions of searches are made around the globe by students to know unique methods to get out of the restricted internet and add some music to their school life.

If you are a student and wants to play that latest Drake song but your school internet won’t let you then you are in the right place. Today I will teach you different methods to unblock the internet at your school and access and blocked websites freely.

How to Unblock Websites at School

There are many ways to approach this problem. Many are simple like pressing few buttons while some are very complex methods. In this article, we will only focus on simple but working methods to access blocked websites at school.Using Unblocked Websites

1- Using Unblocked Websites

This is the best way to access blocked content. There are many unblocked websites in all categories. Unblocked music, movies, and games are some of the most popular categories in unblocked sites for school. You can find such sites from a simple Google search. For example, this unblocked music sites article from MMX News Caster shares a host of unknown music streaming sites for school where all the sites are unblocked, and anyone can enjoy music for free. Similarly, you can find unblocked movie sites, and unblocked gaming sites list from the internet.

2- Using VPN

VPN is another popular method to access free internet without restriction. In simple word, a VPN fools your ISP and central server into thinking that you are browsing the internet from somewhere else. By this way, you can bypass any firewall put in place by your school administrator. Now there are many VPN service provider both in the free and paid sector. In an ideal situation, I’d suggest you choose popular and paid VPNs only, but in this situation, a free VPN will do just fine. Some of the most popular free VPNs are as follow:

  • zenmate.comProxy Server

3- Proxy Server

Just like VPN, Proxy also hide your real location by fooling the ISP and your school server. The only difference is that Proxy is a web-based program instead of a standalone app like VPN. With a proxy server, you can access any website from anywhere of the world. Because it is a web-based programme, it is also very easy for schools to block those services from running on their server. Many schools are now cracking down on Proxy servers. There are still few that is working fine as of now.

  • kProxy
  • Hidester

4- Use IP instead of the web address

A web address is just a name that connects the website IP address, and it also helps people memorize the web address. Most schools block those web addresses from their server, but those sites can still be accessible from their IP. Finding an IP is very simple. All you have to do is open Command Prompt on your Windows PC and type ping and hit enter. It will show you the IP of that website. Then enter the IP in the address bar of your browser and more often than not this method works.

(Change with the website URL you want to visit.)

There are four methods you can use to access any blocked websites from your school. With the above methods, you should be able to access most of the blocked websites easily. There are other methods too like changing your DNS, using a local proxy, TOR and many. But those methods, and often complicated and requires technical knowledge.

I hope you liked this article. I will be looking forward to hearing what you have to say in this matter.

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Most Popular Funny and Weird Websites on the Internet

The Internet is huge; over 1.9 Billion active websites are operating now. How do I know? You can check the live website count from here. So, as I was saying, it is almost impossible for an average human being to know about even 0.01% of total websites. So this is very fair to assume that there all sort of websites available. Some of them are useful, some lets you connect with friends and family, some lets you watch movies, some gives you all sort of news, some even help you pass your exam, some help you file a case and so on and so on. The internet is also a very weird place, on The Converging Network we have talked about all sort of helpful tips, news, and websites but today we are in a good mood.

Most Funny and Weird Websites

So, let’s check some funny and weird websites. These websites won’t contribute to any of your productivity, but still, you will thank me for introducing you to these interesting sites.


We are off to a good start. is by far my favorite site when it comes to funny websites. This website specializes in funny English language spelling and grammar mistakes, especially in non-English speaking countries.


Now we are not making fun of anyone who is not good with English. There is no shame if someone can’t speak English. For most people, English is their 3rd and sometimes 4th language, so it is normal to make mistakes. But when a corporate and businesses do those silly mistakes, then there is no excuse.

2. World’s Dumbest Game

Now, this site I call the weirdest website on the internet. A pointless website you will ever visit. The admin of the website seems to know this that is why the name. What does this website do? Nothing really. It has a button the homepage, and the game is you have to keep the button pressed as long as you can. That is all. I guess it is for only those who have a lot of time and need something dumb to waste their time on. I was surprised to see the highest score is almost an hour. I wonder who that human being is and how much time he/she has to spend one hour on a stupid button.

3. The Onion

With everything happening around the world, News can be depressing. Every time I open a newspaper of tune to a news channel I feel sad. A lot is happening, and with all the negativity, it is hard to find news that cheers you up. This website is taking that into the matter. If satire is your thing, then you are gonna love this website. The Onion is a satirical website that writes spoof news around recent events. This is a must visit website for everyone who likes a good satire.

4. Awkward Family Photo

I bet we all have some awkward family photo and we don’t want the world to see. But again we like to see others family awkward pictures. This website is a dedicated website for showcasing some awkward family photo. You will have a good laugh whenever you tune to this website.

5. PointerPointer

PointerPointer is a weird website that requires you to move your pointer in another word your mouse cursor to any point of your screen. Once your pointer is still, a picture appears where the man/woman points hi/her finger towards your pointer. Again when you reposition your cursor to any other part of the screen, a new picture appears with a finger pointing at your pointer. You have to try to believe me.

So, what other pointless websites have come across? I am interested to know and visit those sites.

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