How to Download Videos from Facebook on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Often browsing through social media sites like Facebook we come across videos that we like and want to download to the computer or the smartphone. Facebook by default doesn’t let…

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How to Read a Mac Formatted APFS Drive on Windows

Do you constantly switch between a Mac and Windows and find it harder to use the same external drive on two devices? Rest assured you are not alone in this…

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A Small Piece of CSS Code Can Restart your iPhone and iPad and Freeze Your Mac

A new CSS based attack can now crash your iPhone and force it to restart. This attack is equally affecting iPad while Mac users can face a brief freeze on…

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How to Access Windows PC and Mac from Android and iPhone

The smartphone is an essential part of this information generation. We all carry smartphones with us all the time. Smartphones are also getting smarter and powerful with every passing year….

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Find saved password on Mac

How to Find and Saved Passwords on Mac

Mac, the 2nd most popular computer OS after windows have a lot of features under its sleeve. Many people use Mac because they feel mac is more sophisticated with features…

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