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How to Read a Mac Formatted APFS Drive on Windows

Do you constantly switch between a Mac and Windows and find it harder to use the same external drive on two devices? Rest assured you are not alone in this mess. Both Windows and Mac – two most popular computer operating systems – use different file format. While Windows uses NTFS and FAT32 file format, Mac uses APFS (Apple File System). Most of the external drives now come pre-formatted as FAT32 for better compatibility. Mac can read and write to FAT32 drives – the most common file format for many external drives – but it can not read and write NTFS. Similarly, if you format your external drive to APFS, then you can not use that drive on Windows without formatting back to NTFS or FAT32.

Formatting a drive also means that you will be losing all your data which is a no-no for all of us. So, if you have a drive formatted in APFS and want to use on Windows without formatting, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you how to read and write Mac-formatted APFS drives on Windows computers.

Read APFS on Windows

How to Read Mac Formatted APFS Drive on Windows

You can not read or write an APFS drive on Windows without taking any help from third-party software programmes.

Paragon APFS for Windows

Paragon APFS for Windows

Paragon is one of the most popular drive management software company that generally deals with drive compatibility with most OSs. It has many products under its belt, and APFS for Windows is one of them. By using this tool, you can seamlessly read and write any APFS formatted drive on your Windows PC without any hassle.

The tool is only designed to handle one task only, and it does that efficiently. The tool is very simple to use with some advanced features like auto-mount at startup which let you mount and connected APFS drive without needing to do it manually.

The tool is not free though, if you want to use Paragon APFS for Windows, then you have to pay a one-time subscription fee of $50.


MacDrive APFS for Windows

MacDrive is another popular tool for reading and writing APFS drive on Windows. Just like Paragon APFs for Windows, you can seamlessly write and read APFS formatted drives without even opening the tool. It has all the features as the PAragon does with one extra feature and that is the support for HFS+ drives. Mac for a long time had used HFS+ as its file system, and many old Macs still uses this format. If you have both APFS drive and HFS+ drives, then you should consider this tool above the Paragon APFS tool. MacDrive also cost the same $49.

download MacDrive

Which one to Choose?

So these were the two best tools for Windows user to access Apple formatted drives on Windows. In my opinion, MacDrive provides more value for money but don’t believe me yet. Both tools come with a free trial period. You should take the trail and see for yourself.

I hope you liked this article. I was on a long holiday and now got time to write this article. I will also be more active from now. Keep following the The Converging Network and I will be back with another article.

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Best Ways to Access Blocked Websites at School

Unblocked Sites at School

Blocking websites at school is one of the most popular methods school administrator use to stop students from accessing the internet. Entertainment sites and social media sites are in particular targeted in those blocking website lists. The main aim here is to keep students from accessing any websites that may not be safe or distract students. The intention is noble here — no doubt in that. No matter how noble a cause is, students are students, and they don’t like to be banned. Many students are now turning to the same internet and searching for different ways to access blocked websites from their school. Millions of searches are made around the globe by students to know unique methods to get out of the restricted internet and add some music to their school life.

If you are a student and wants to play that latest Drake song but your school internet won’t let you then you are in the right place. Today I will teach you different methods to unblock the internet at your school and access and blocked websites freely.

How to Unblock Websites at School

There are many ways to approach this problem. Many are simple like pressing few buttons while some are very complex methods. In this article, we will only focus on simple but working methods to access blocked websites at school.Using Unblocked Websites

1- Using Unblocked Websites

This is the best way to access blocked content. There are many unblocked websites in all categories. Unblocked music, movies, and games are some of the most popular categories in unblocked sites for school. You can find such sites from a simple Google search. For example, this unblocked music sites article from MMX News Caster shares a host of unknown music streaming sites for school where all the sites are unblocked, and anyone can enjoy music for free. Similarly, you can find unblocked movie sites, and unblocked gaming sites list from the internet.

2- Using VPN

VPN is another popular method to access free internet without restriction. In simple word, a VPN fools your ISP and central server into thinking that you are browsing the internet from somewhere else. By this way, you can bypass any firewall put in place by your school administrator. Now there are many VPN service provider both in the free and paid sector. In an ideal situation, I’d suggest you choose popular and paid VPNs only, but in this situation, a free VPN will do just fine. Some of the most popular free VPNs are as follow:

  • zenmate.comProxy Server

3- Proxy Server

Just like VPN, Proxy also hide your real location by fooling the ISP and your school server. The only difference is that Proxy is a web-based program instead of a standalone app like VPN. With a proxy server, you can access any website from anywhere of the world. Because it is a web-based programme, it is also very easy for schools to block those services from running on their server. Many schools are now cracking down on Proxy servers. There are still few that is working fine as of now.

  • kProxy
  • Hidester

4- Use IP instead of the web address

A web address is just a name that connects the website IP address, and it also helps people memorize the web address. Most schools block those web addresses from their server, but those sites can still be accessible from their IP. Finding an IP is very simple. All you have to do is open Command Prompt on your Windows PC and type ping and hit enter. It will show you the IP of that website. Then enter the IP in the address bar of your browser and more often than not this method works.

(Change with the website URL you want to visit.)

There are four methods you can use to access any blocked websites from your school. With the above methods, you should be able to access most of the blocked websites easily. There are other methods too like changing your DNS, using a local proxy, TOR and many. But those methods, and often complicated and requires technical knowledge.

I hope you liked this article. I will be looking forward to hearing what you have to say in this matter.

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Best Ways to Download YouTube Videos for Free

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming portal and only 2nd to Google in the category of the search engine. You can explore thousands and millions of creators all around the world making crazy videos in all category. With thousands of videos going online very hour it is one of the most visited websites on the planet. On YouTube, you can follow as many creators as possible and watch all the content they upload. As I said in the starting, YouTube is also the biggest search engine only 2nd to You can find educational and informative videos for any topic you can think of.

YouTube is an online streaming platform, that means you can have to have an internet connection to watch a video, and YouTube officially doesn’t support offline or download feature. If in any case, you wanted to download a video from the YouTube for any of thousands of the reasons, you will have no other choice but wondering the web to find the solution. I intend to solve this by writing this article. I’ll be showing you all the best methods you can apply to download YouTube videos for free.


Best Methods to Download YouTube Videos for Free

I’ll be showing you three best methods to download YouTube videos for free. All 3 for three different purposes. So, shall we start?

1. YouTube Downloading Websites

The first method is by using certain websites that allow you to download YouTube videos for free. This method is best suited for those who need to download YouTube once in a while. There are many websites one can use to download YouTube videos for free. The best and the fastest website that I know and recommend is


How to Download YouTube videos from

  • First copy the YouTube video link you want to download.
  • Open from your favorite browser.
  • You shall see a bar which labeled as “Video URL to Download:” paste the link here and click on ‘Continue’ button.
  • Now you shall be presented with options to choose the video quality such as 480p, 720p, 1080p. Choose your desired and click on ‘Start.’
  • Wait until Clipconverter converts your video and then you can click on the download button to download the video.

Just like the clip converter, there are other YouTube video downloader websites:


2. Download YouTube video using Extension

If you are someone who regularly downloads YouTube videos on the computer, you need something more convenient. ‘YouTube Video Downloader’ Google Chrome browser extension by Add-On Crop is among the top extension for downloading YouTube videos.


  • First, you need to make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser.
  • Now you need to head on to YouTube Video Downloader extension page and install the extension to your Google Chrome browser.
  • Once you downloaded, you can download YouTube videos easily with just a few clicks.
  • Now every time you are on any YouTube video page, you can see a button labeled as ‘Download’ right next to subscribe button.
  • By clicking on the button, you shall be able to download your YouTube videos for free without any hassle.

3. Download YouTube Videos using Android app

If you are someone who downloads YouTube video quite often but doesn’t have access to a computer, then you can use an Android app to download. The app I am talking about is called ‘Tubemate’. This app is not available on Google Play Store. But you can still be able to download the app from different marketplaces or APKMirror.


  • First head on to APKMirror Tubemate page and download the latest version of the app and install on your Android.
  • Now open the app and navigate to the video you want to download. Now you shall see a download button below the video.
  • Tap on the download button and select the video quality you want to download. Now your video shall start downloading.

These are the three best ways to download YouTube videos online for free. By using any of them or all of the methods, you should be able to download your favorite YouTube video for your offline consumption.

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How to Use iMessage on Windows PC and Laptop

iMessage is unarguably one of the best features on iOS and Mac devices. Apple strategy to create a whole new, different user experience with apple only software seem to work just fine because people who have once used iMessage don’t want to move to another platform. I myself use iMessage on my Mac, and I have many friends who have iMessages on their iPhone and Mac. iMessage makes it easier for me get connected with those friends easily. That is one of the main reasons why I am still stuck with Apple products even after all these years.

I also have few friends and relatives who are not on any Apple platform but still want to use the iMessage from their smartphone or Windows PC. I get asked this question quite often by those friends as if there were any ways they could install iMessage on their Windows PC. At first, I thought it was an absurd demand, but when I did some research, I found some interesting sources that may be able to help them. So, if you are also one who always wanted to use iMessage on their Windows PC, then this article is for you. By following this article, you will be able to use iMessage on any Windows PC for free.

Install iMessage on Windoows PC and Laptop

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC and Laptop

I will be sharing two methods to use iMessage on any Windows PC and laptop. The first one is for those who have a Mac device already and just wants to use iMessage on a Windows device temporarily and the 2nd method is for those who don’t have any Mac or iOS devices.

1. Use iMessage on Windows PC from Mac

Make sure you have latest Google Chrome browser installed on both Windows and Mac device. After that go ahead and launch Chrome browser on both the devices. Now install Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both Windows and Mac.

  • Launch the app on both the computers and click on “Get Started” button.
  • On Mac, click on “Enable Remote Connection” and download the remote client host for Chrome by following on-screen instructions.
  • Once the host file is downloaded, install the application on your Mac by following the on-screen instructions.

Now on Windows, you can access the Mac remotely. By this method, you will be able to access iMessage on your Windows for free.

2. Install iMessage on Windows PC by Using iOS Emulator

The first method is best for those who have Mac but what if you don’t have a mac, to begin with? In that situation, you can use an iOS emulator. An iOS emulator is a program that creates a virtual ecosystem for iOS on Windows or Linux. That virtual ecosystem acts a separate virtual iOS device on your computer screen. By using this method, you can not only install iMessage but also any other iOS app you can think of.

There are many iOS emulators available on the internet. Some of the popular emulators are as follow:

  • iPadian
  • SmartFace
  • iPhone Simulator

For this article, we will be using iPadian as it is the most popular iOS emulator.

  • Download the iPadian emulator and then install it on your PC.
  • After installing, run the application.
  • Now search for “iMessage” in the search box.
  • Download the app and let it install in the background.
  • Now you have iMessage running on your Windows PC.

These are the two most popular methods to install and use iMessage on any Windows-based devices. These methods are also very easy to use. If you still encounter any problem, comment it down and I will do my best to solve it.

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All Google Apps with Dark Mode and How to Enable

Enable dark mode on all Google apps

Dark mode looks great on phones, especially on LED displays. For a long time, developers have ignored the fact that people love dark mode apps, but now slowly but steadily it is catching up. Now we see a new wave of apps with dark mode theme. Many of our favorite apps like Twitter is available with the dark mode in the setting. For Android users, we have been using a lot of Google apps from YouTube to Gmail and Maps, and Google has known for slapping white themes on each of its apps. Not anymore. Google is also slowly shifting dark modes and now many of Google apps and services available with an optional dark mode which can be enabled from the settings. Today in this article, we will list all the dark mode Google apps with the process to enable.

Google Apps with Dark Mode and How to Enable

1. YouTube

YouTube dark mode

YouTube is the biggest app from Google which many people use. In the last few months, Google has been spotted testing its dark mode themed YouTube and now it is available for everyone. Here is how you can enable dark mode on your YouTube app.

  • Update your YouTube app.
  • Go to setting, then General. You will see a new dark theme option. Enable it to enable dark theme on your YouTube app.

2. Messages

Android Message dark mode

Google’s own messaging app is been going through a lot of changes in the recent time. If you are using message app from Android, you can experience a few interesting features including a new material theme, messages for the web to send and receive messages from your computer and of course dark theme. The dark theme on Android message looks dope.

  • To enable dark mode, download the latest app from the Play Store.
  • Tap on the 3 vertical dots from the top right corner and select ‘Enable dark mode.’

3. Google News

Google News Dark Mode

I don’t personally use Google News on my phone. But if you do, then you will be glad to know that this app also comes with an option to enable dark mode.

  • Update the app and then go to setting.
  • Here you can see the “Dark theme” option. Tapping on it will show different options for enabling or disabling the dark mode. You can select “always” to enable dark mode for both day and night. Or you can choose to enable dark mode only in the night or only during battery saving mode.

4. SnapSeed

SnapSeed dark mode

SnapSeed is Google’s answer for Lightroom from Adobe. You can do professional touch up to your photos from your Android and iPhone. The SnapSeed app is now coming with the option to enable dark mode.

  • Update the app and go to setting from the menu.
  • Enable “Dark theme,” and you are done.

5. Google Authenticator App

Google Authenticator app dark mode

Google Authenticator is an interesting app which replaces two-step security code SMS with an in-app code generator. Many people don’t use this app, but if you do, you can enable dark mode for this app too.

  • Tap on three vertical dots from the top right corner and select “View in night mode.”

6. Gmail on Browser

Unfortunately, Gmail app hasn’t gotten any dark mode update yet. But if you use Gmail on a computer, you can enable dark theme there for your browser. To enable dark themed Gmail on computer follow the below steps.

  • Open Gmail from your PC or Mac browser.
  • Click on the settings icon and select “Themes.”
  • From there scroll down and select “Dark.” You will have a dark themed Gmail for your computer.

7. YouTube on Browser

Just like Gmail, YouTube is also offering a dark mode for computer users. You can enable by following the below steps.

  • Open and make sure to log in with your Google account.
  • Now click on your profile picture and select “Dark Theme.” Slide the dark theme switch to enable the dark theme.

So these are the apps and services from Google which comes with the dark mode. Google, as well as other app developers, are still afraid of enabling dark mode by default. But it is good to see them adding it. So, what other would you like to see come in dark mode? Let us know in the comments.

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5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Smartphone technology has grown from nothing to crazy in the past few years. We have impressive triple camera setups, in-display fingerprint, we have phones getting bigger and bezzles are shrinking with every new smartphone, we have SOCs that can compete with top tire computers. But do you know what hasn’t changed in the last few years? Our battery technology. There is no significant changes in the way batteries have to be manufactured. No matter how expensive or how cheap phone you are using, your battery will start losing its power after a few months of usage. No one wants their battery drained in the middle of the day, and no one likes to charge their phone in every few hours.

Even though we can not change how our batteries are being made, but we can try and keep our battery losing its value by changing how we use our smartphones. Here are 5 basic but important tips that can help you keep your battery losing before the sun goes down.


1. Find Out Which App Using Your Battery the Most

On an average, every smartphone users install 30-40 apps on their phone. But the report suggests that they hardly use 7-8 apps regularly. With huge internal storage, many people would think that having that many unused apps on their phone won’t matter. But it does, it does to the battery. Almost all the app now try to connect to the internet all the time so that they can show you relevant notifications. These apps cost a lot to your batteries life.

So, you need to find out which apps are using more battery and you don’t use those apps or user rarely, then it is best for you to install those applications.

2. Turn Off Wireless Services When not in Use

Disable Wifi to make battery last longer

Connectivity is a field where our smartphones got us all cover. We have now GPS, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, NFC. They are a blessing for this new generation of smartphone users. It is good to have some many connectivity options but to be honest; we don’t need all of these all the times. These services are also very power hungry as they have to send and receive data constantly. So it is a good practice to turn them off when not in use.

You can do that by swiping from the top in the case of Android and from the bottom for iPhone. This is simple but believe me; your battery will thank you.

3. Change Unnecessary Settings

There are many settings that we just use without thinking twice, but they can affect your battery badly. Here are a few settings that you need to change:

  • Brightness: Use auto brightness, that way your phone will adjust brightness accordingly. That way you will use full brightness only when needed. And brightness does affect battery performance.
  • Haptic Feedback: You don’t need your phone to vibrate everytime you type a letter, you also don’t need your phone to vibrate when you tap something on the screen. These are called haptic feedback. Many phones have different levels for haptic feedback. Your phone usages won’t be affected if you turn these off, but your battery will improve for sure.

4. Minimize Animations

Animations are cool! That being said, it also sucks up a lot of battery juice. We can surely live without animations. I am not saying to turn off animations altogether. It will give you bad user experiences. But you can reduce it by few points, that way your user experience won’t change while you do some good for your battery.

On Android, go to the accessibility setting then animation, there you can see many animation categories. Reduce animation for every animation category. For iPhone, this setting is labeled as Reduce Motion under accessibility settings.

5. Update apps and OS

Update apps and OS

Every major app developer and OS developers now understand how important battery optimization is. That is why many developers are now making their apps battery friendly ad implementing many features. So, it is wise to keep your apps updated to enjoy the latest battery optimizations that are being offered by your favorite apps.

These are the 5 essential tips one can add to his/her smartphone usages habit and can see great differences in battery performances. There are other methods too like killing background apps, disabling vibration and ringtone all together and many. While those do work but they are what makes your phone a smartphone. And in my opinion, curbing them for a better battery is not worth the trade-off.

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How to Use Two WhatsApp Account on Mac and Windows

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app which is now owned by Facebook. WhatsApp has gone through lots of changes after Facebook’s acquire. One of the most popular features of new WhatsApp is that now people can access WhatsApp from their Windows or Mac computer. By using this feature, you can send and receive messages, check status, do basic WhatsApp configuration. This features works by syncing your WhatsApp app on the phone with the desktop on real-time, and this works smoothly. Even though it is a great feature but for many, this features lacks something: dual WhatsApp capabilities. Many people use two SIMs especially in developing countries like India and China. And for those people, able to access two different WhatsApp accounts from the same computer is a nightmare. But not anymore.

In this article, we will talk about a simple solution to access two different WhatsApp accounts from the computer and on the same browser. This feature is going to help many people who use two accounts for two different purposes. So, without further ado, lets just straight into this article.


Access Two Different WhatsApp Account from Same Windows and Mac Computers

For this to work, we are going to be using WhatsApp web feature. Many people believe that the WhatsApp web only works with one WhatsApp account at a time. And to many extents that are true. But with a little trick, we can trick WhatsApp and make a path for us to access two different WhatsApp accounts from the same computer and browser.

WhatsApp web works with almost all modern browsers for Mac and Windows. But for better connectivity and performances, we recommend the Google Chrome browser. If you have Chrome browser, then you are good to go. If not, take a minute and install it before proceeding.

Step 1: Open on your Google Chrome browser.

Step2: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and then follow below:

  • On Android and Windows phone: Go to menu> WhatsApp Web
  • On iPhone: Settings> WhatsApp Web.
  • On BlackBerrey: Go to Chat> Menu> WhatsApp Web.

WhasApp web

Step 3: Scan the QR code on your computer screen from WhatsApp web on your phone.

Now you have synced one WhatsApp account with your Windows or Mac browser.

Step 4: Open another tab on your Google Chrome browser (or whatever browser you are using) and open

Step 5: Open your second WhatsApp account on your phone and go to WhatsApp web. See step 2 for reference.

Step 6: Scan the QR code, and you have linked your second WhatsApp account as well.

Congratulation. You are now successfully added two different WhatsApp accounts on your Windows or Mac computer.

Remember, for this method to work you need to have two different WhatsApp accounts connected to the internet.

So, this is how you can use two different WhatsApp accounts on your Windows or Mac on the same browser. You don’t have to fidget around two different browsers for different accounts. I hope I made this post as easy as possible. If you find any difficulties, drop a comment, and I will help you right away.

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How to Access Windows PC and Mac from Android and iPhone

The smartphone is an essential part of this information generation. We all carry smartphones with us all the time. Smartphones are also getting smarter and powerful with every passing year. Smartphones are also capable of handling many tasks that only computers were able to do a few years back. Now things have changed. Many people think that in the coming years, our smartphones might be able to replace computers completely. While there is time for that to happen, in the current time we all have a computer with us for different tasks that a smartphone might not be handled.

Managing two devices at the same time is a difficult task, and sometimes we just wish that there were ways to access a computer from the smartphone itself. Well, that is going to come true in this article. We have had several methods to access computers from smartphones in the past, but most of them are not up to the expectation. Not anymore. In this article, I’ll show you how you can access your Windows and Mac computer from both Android and iOS smartphones for free.



Here are few things you need to have in place to be able to access computers from Smartphones.

1. A Windows or Mac laptop or desktop.
2. Google Chrome browser on your Mac or Windows computer.
3. A decent speed internet connection and a Google account

How to Access Windows and Mac Computer from Android or iOS

First, make sure you have read the Prerequisites.

Step-1: Configure Mac or Windows computer

Open your Google Chrome browser on Windows or Mac computer and visit

Scroll down a little and click on “Get Started” button. Sign in with your Google account. If you are already signed in then, it might not ask you again.

After signing in, Google will ask you to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for your browser. This is a free extension for Google Chrome developed by Google itself.

After installing the extension, open it by clicking on the extension icon.

Here under “My Computers,” click Get Started and then Enable Remote Connection.

Enter a PIN and re-enter the pin then click on OK.

Allow Chrome to Download and Install remote desktop on your computer.

Step 2: Configure Smartphone

After configuring your computer, now it is time to setup your smartphone.

  • First, download Chrome Remote Desktop for your Android or iOS from the respective app stores.
  • Open the app and sign in with the same Google account that you used to set up your computer remote desktop.
  • Now you can see your computer name on the app. Click on it, and it will ask you to enter the PIN.
  • Enter the PIN that you had set up earlier and click connect.

That is all; now you can access your computer from both Windows and Mac from your Android or iOS smartphone.

How to Install Chrome Remote Desktop on Linux?

Installing Chrome Remote Desktop on Linux based computer is tricky. Google has a really good resource page about how you can install and active Chrome Remote Desktop for Linux. You can read from here.

Please remember that Chrome Remote Desktop is still in beta phase, you can expect some basic bugs in it.

This is how you can access your Windows, Mac or Linux computer from Android or iOS smartphones easily and for free.

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How to Find and Saved Passwords on Mac

Mac, the 2nd most popular computer OS after windows have a lot of features under its sleeve. Many people use Mac because they feel mac is more sophisticated with features and performance than windows and that is true for many instances. I use both Mac and Windows for different purposes, and I must tell you that Mac has its advantages and millions of others who use Mac I agree with them.

Mac has very subtle and nifty features that might not sound super important, but in our day to day, it helps to make the computing process easier. One of them is the Keychain. Keychain helps you to save passwords for many websites in an encrypted form and autofill it when necessary. Keychain passwords are also synced with other Apple devices logged with the same Apple ID which ensures that you carry your password everytime you need.

There is no denying that Keychain is a great feature and saves you from remembering hundreds of complex password. But sometimes we do need to know the password and saving a complex password is not that easy. There could be many reasons as to why you need a password, but we can help, you find your saved password from your Mac machine.

Find saved password on Mac

How to Find Save Password on Mac

1. Open Keychain Access. You can find it in others folder by going to launch pad, or you can do a spotlight search.

2. Click on the Password under the category on the left.

3. Search for the thing you want to see the password and double click on it.

Show Password

4. Click on the box beside ‘Show Password.‘ Mac will ask for your login password. So enter the password that you use to login to your mac.

5. Now you can see the password.

How to Find Saved WiFi Password on Mac

Another great feature of Keychain Access is that you can also find the WiFi password that you have saved. So to do so, follow the below instructions.

1. Open Keychain Access, under Keychains from the top left side of the screen, click Systems.

2. Under category from the bottom left side of the screen, click Password. You can see all the WiFi networks; your Mac was connected to.

3. Select your desired network and double click on it.

4. Click the box beside Show Password and enter your Mac login password.

5. Now you can see the password of that network.

Keychain on Mac is a great feature and easy to use too. I wish Windows also had such a simple yet powerful tool to find and organize passwords.

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Instagram Now Lets you to Apply for Blue Tick Verification, Here is How You Can Apply

Instagram with 400 million active users, it becomes necessary to keep a tab on security while giving the best experience to the users. In a recent announcement, Instagram has started giving users an option to apply for blue tick verification features. For those who don’t know what blue tick is, it is a stamp that you can see right next to many profiles which signify that the account is the original one and Instagram verified the authenticity of the people or brand.

Earlier to get a blue tick you generally had to had a large number of audience, somewhat popular, some connections with people in Instagram office. Many people also went to some shady practice of going through the black market. There is a huge black market for blue tick where many people promise to get you a blue tick for your profile in exchange for hefty fees. More often than not those people turn out to be scammers.

Instagram Now Lets you to Apply for Blue Tick Verification, Here is How You Can Apply

To fight all these, Instagram has decided to let people allow for blue tick themselves. It is still not clear as to what criteria there in place for verification process but having a large audience with the right document helps you to get in line.

While announcing, Instagram also announced a few more security features like 2F Authentication in a press statement.

How to Apply for Instagram Account Verification

In the last article, we showed you how to use Instagram on laptops to share photos and videos with your followers. This is the 2nd How To video on Instagram and in this article we will show you how to use the new feature to apply for Instagram verification.

This article will walk you through the steps required for applying verification. We don’t guarantee that the Instagram will give verify badge, i.e., blue tick. Verification badge solely depends on Instagram.

First, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your phone. If not go to Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS and update your app.

Open Instagram, head to your profile then setting.

In the setting, scroll down until you see an option “Request Verification.

Tap on that and then fill in your Username, full name or business name.

Instagram account verification

Attach documents to back your claim. If you are applying for verified blue tick for a person, then upload government-issued IDs like a driving license or passport. Make sure your name and photo are visible.

For a business account, upload documents like your business incorporation certificate, Tax filing report or utility bill.

Instagram promises to keep your documents safe and not share with anybody.

After that tap on submit and your wait. Instagram will initiate verification and decide if your account is eligible for the blue tick.

Instagram strongly advised you not to believe if any people approach you disguised as an Instagram employee and ask for money. Instagram also encourages to report those peoples.

I hope you get a verified badge on your profile soon. If you did get a blue tick, share with us in the comments. We would love to see.

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