Best 15 eBook Torrents Sites 2019 to Download Free eBooks

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2016 and 2017 have been tough years for torrent sites. We have seen many giant torrent sites shutting down either voluntarily or by forcefully by government agencies on the charges of anti-piracy. There are millions of people who are using torrent every day to download online content like movies, games, software, songs, videos, apps and more importantly Ebooks. Ebook torrents sites are very much popular among the students or general people who love to read books as you can find hundreds and thousands of books ranging in all different genres.

As I said before, with the pressure from government and anti-piracy agencies, all the popular torrent sites are either shutting down permanently or changing their web address very often. This makes it a real pain for users to find free eBook torrent sites. There are already very few ebook torrenting sites available, to make it even worse torrent sites are forced to remove their site from the world wide web. If you are someone who loves to read books on all different topic, then you will find this article helpful. After doing deep research, I found few interesting free best torrent sites for books in 2019.

eBook torrents sites 2019

Top 15 Free eBook Torrent Websites 2019

These are the most recent and popular torrent sites for books. I did my research and found them a perfect companion for every book lovers. These torrent resources are also going to be blocked or at least not anytime soon. You may want to bookmark this article as I will be updating this article with more websites in case any sites were taken down. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading this informative article about online E-book torrents.

How to Be Safe Online While Using Torrent?

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Don’t like to watch videos? Don’t worry, we have got you cover. Continue reading.

1. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is one of the most popular torrent sites for books among the book lovers. The layout of this cool Ebook site is interesting and appealing. There are over 150 categories to choose from which makes it easy for anyone to find and download any book of their interest. You can literally find books in all possible categories from engineering to programming, novel, history, documentary, friction, non-friction and much more. This eBook website has all the book for free so that you can read your favorite book without spending a single penny.

Free Book Spot textbook torrents

2. Wikibooks

The very first thing you will notice after opening is that the layout is significantly similar to Wikipedia. That is because Wikibooks is also part of the Wikipedia family. Like Wikipedia, Wikibooks is also a knowledge mine but in the form of books. It has thousands of books in all different language, genre, and authors. One can easily find and download a book of his/her interest from Wikibooks for free. This ebook download site also legal as all the books are here voluntarily distributed by author or publishers.

Wikibooks best book torrenting sites

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3. Kickass Torrent

Kickass torrent is one of the most popular torrenting websites currently operating. It has faced several legal cases in the past but is still running and serving millions of people. Here at, you can download almost all kind torrent files from movie torrents to games torrent, anime torrents, music torrents, software torrent, eBook torrents and many other torrent files. Kat currently has a whopping 100+ thousands of epub and PDF E-books ranging all the possible genre. Its powerful search engine allows to search and download books by name, author, publisher, category and release year. You must take advantage of this growing popularity of Kat.

4. Many Books

With more than 33 thousands of books, is the 4th best online eBook torrents available on the internet. You can search/browse books by title, genres, Language, Author, and popularity. Most of the books if not all the books available on this site is free. Action, adventure, mystery, business, biography, history, Horror are few of the most popular genres on many books dot net. You can either read the book online or download the book to your device to read offline. I was surprised to see the number of download formats manybooks offers. You can download most of the books in ePub, Pub, Pdf, azw for Kindle, HTML, and much more. ebook torrenting sites

5. eLibrary is an excellent website for book downloading. It has close to 9000 books in 91 different categories. Most of the latest and high-quality books can be found here to download for free. You can read reviews about any books before downloading to make sure that the book is worth your time. While most of the books available on this book torrent sites are free, few books available here are premium. You can buy a cheap package to access most of the premium books without any extra cost.

eLibrary best ebook torrent sites

6. EBOOKEE is another one of the best eBook torrenting sites which is mainly offering books in Technical, Novel and nonfiction category. I found this website a good place for anyone seeking knowledge about technical stuff like Data Base, Network, Security, Java, Web, and Linux. You can find most of the popular books and important links on the homepage itself. Ebookee is a place for free online E-book torrent downloads, but you may want to sign up with Ebookee as you can only download after becoming a user of this website. Nonetheless, this is a decent place for anyone looking for downloading books without spending a single penny from his pocket.

Ebookee epub torrents

7. eBookShare

eBookShare or is the next site in our list of best torrent sites for books 2019.  With this site, you can easily download books from your the categories you are interested in. All the top categories are present here on the homepage along with the book counts. Apart from downloading any book, you can also read samples, book description which will surely help you decide if you should invest your time reading the book or not.

8. Library Genesis

Library Genesis or Labgen is an online search engine for books and literature which I got to know while surfing Reddit. Labgen claims to have more than 2 million books from close to 50 thousands publications. LabGen gives free access to all the books which are otherwise either not digitalized or not available for free. This textbook torrents site gives both torrent links and mirror links for easy downloading. Due to a legal battle, LabGen had to ditch the .org domain and picked .io domain.

Library Genesis book torrenting sites

9. PlanetEbook was once known as the best torrent site for books. It has more than 50 thousands of books available for users to download for free across genres. PlanetBook is the best for people who are looking for classic literature. There are books you can not find on any other website. Scrolling down its homepage will show you the most popular author and literature. All the E-books, Books and literature available on this ebook torrents are free to download for anyone without registration.

Planet Ebook best torrent site for books

10. Online Programming Books

Are you someone who is struggling to learn programming like me? Then this is the best eBook torrents for you. Here you can download hundreds of E-Books for free that will help you to learn this language. At, you can find books related to programming, Database, Operating System, web design, IT security, Graphics, video and photo editing, Games, AI and many others which are related to computer programing.

Online Programming Books best ebook torrenting sites

11. iTorrent

Books section at is also an amazing place to download free Ebooks online without registration. You can find all kind of books in all different genre and categories which you can download according to your interest. Not just downloading, if you got access to any book that you wants to share with the world then you can do so by uploading your books to this ebook torrenting site.

iTorrent best torrent sites for books

12. BookBoon

Looking for latest and greatest books from well-known authors? is the place for you. Bookboon is the Ebook torrents which provide free eBook and textbooks. You can either pick a category of your interest from the left side bar or just scroll down the homepage for most popular eBook, New titles, highest rated books, and editor books. You can pick any book you want from the site and download without any hassle.

BookBoon torrent sites for books

13. The Pirate Bay

Like Kickass Torrent, the pirate bay is also one of the most popular torrent sites for download free TV series, games, movies, software, videos, and Ebooks. All the books are uploaded by general users like you and me thus improves the chance of finding almost all kind of books in all different categories, genres and from all popular authors. is completely free for users to download any books they want. Thepiratebay is undoubtedly one of the best eBook torrenting sites in 2019.

14. Free Ebooks

With almost 100 categories, is one of the most visited book torrenting sites 2017. It has an interesting web design where the first thing you see is the list of all categories. If you scroll down a little bit, you will be greeted with another list of featured books and latest books that you can download for free. Biography, Romance, Business, Self-Improvement are few of the most popular category on this growing eBook torrent site. Not just books, if you want you can also download audiobooks and it has a decent variety of audiobooks. Every ebook and audiobook are available for free but you have to be registered to view the download link.

Free E-Books ebook torrent sites

15. E-books Directory is a growing eBook torrenting site which is currently adding new books almost every day. Currently, it has more than 10k books in 677 categories. All the books are of high quality, and few of them are only available on this website. Here at this online E-book torrent download site, you are free to download any book you want for free. No mess of account creation and registration. But if you decide to help the fellow users of this site by uploading any book then you may want to create an account there.

E-Books Directory book torrents


There you have it. These are the best 15 Ebook torrents sites for Ebook downloading for free. As I noted earlier, torrent sites are getting blocked very often, but these websites are future proof. So which one is your favorite? Did you find the book you were looking for? We would love to hear that from you. If you know any other good torrent sites for eBooks? Do let us know in the comment section. Lastly don’t forget to share this article with your friends, colleagues, and relatives who love to read books.


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