Best Free Sites Like Omegle to Chat With Random Strangers Online

Best Free Sites Like Omegle to Chat With Random Strangers Online
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We human beings are curious species by default. Our curiosity to know and meet different people bought us where we are now. We like to share our happiness and problems with other. We also seek their advice on different issues. Features like these what make us different and unique than the rest of the species. The pre-internet era was different and most challenging to meet new people. You were mostly stuck with people living nearby and to meet new people you had to meet them physically. But now with the internet, the way we socialize has been changed completely. No need to go to a new place to meet new people. You can sit in front of your computer and meet thousands of people from different parts of the world. Look at the Facebook, our curiosity to know and meet new people has led to a billion-dollar social networking company.

Even though Facebook is a pretty good place to meet new people, it is not a good way to meet random strangers. Meeting random strangers online and chatting with them whether by text or video is a new way of socializing. For many people, it is a bit creepy, but if you get the hang of it, it can be fun. There are plenty of websites where you can randomly chat with a stranger anonymously and get to know each other. Omegle was the best website for this purpose. On Omegle, you randomly get paired with a stranger and start a conversation and make friend with someone you don’t know anything about. Omegle is still a popular website for this purpose, but now people are started to look for sites similar to Omegle, as it started becoming overpopulated.


Even though many websites allow users to chat anonymously with a complete stranger similar to Omegle, but only a few of them are well maintained as the Omegle used to be. But don’t worry, we have done our research and found a few amazing sites like Omegle to text and video chat with random strangers anonymously.

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Best Chat Sites Like Omegle to Chat With Random People on the Internet



Tinychat is an online Instant messaging, voice and video chat service where anyone can join and chat with other peoples. There are many chat rooms(in thousands) you can join based on your interest and topic of discussion. It also allows users to create their own chat room and invite friends or random TinyChat users, all for free. TinyChat claims 5 million minutes of usage every day which makes it the largest online video and voice chatting website on the internet.

best random chat sites like omegle

TinyChat uses the flash player to exchange video and audio among the users. That means you can use any modern web browser on your computer to access TinyChat and its features. And if you were looking for chatting sites like Omegle for iPhone or Android, then TinyChat got your covered there too. You can download its app for Android and iOS from the official store and start meeting new people online. Tinychat is very strict against inappropriate behavior, and you might get banned permanently if you do not adhere to their policy.

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The idea of Chatroulette is to chat with a random stranger while watching his/her webcam feed. This is one of the most popular chat sites similar to Just like Omegle, you get paired with other stranger and start a conversation while watching him/her. The creator Andrey Ternovskiy said it is like playing Russian roulette but with online chat hence the name. So if you find someone you don’t like, then you can “kill” the chat and get connected with someone else.

The site went from 20 users to more than fifty thousand in just one month. Now there are more than 1.5 million users on this platform and more than 35,000 online at any given time. Earlier Chatroulette had to face many criticisms for its loose policy, but after a lot of trial and error, this site became a lot safer. Thanks to Face recognition and other cool technologies, Chatroulette can filter out most of the inappropriate behaviors. And even if you still come across someone flashing their d**k, then you can flag the person and Chatroulette will make sure that the person doesn’t get on the platform again.


YapChat is an online webcam social networking site to chat with friends and strangers for free. Go anonymous with your chat as YapChat allows you to participate as a guest without going through the lengthy registration process. You can choose thousands of chat room based on your interest and join them with interesting conversation. You can also create your own chat room and invite others to converse on a specific topic. View up to 3 webcams simultaneously for group conversations. You can use all three medium including voice, video, and text to chat with a random stranger.

YapChat is truly an anonymous online chatting platform like Omegle to talk to random people on the internet through your webcam. Now you can also download their Android client app to enjoy the same features from your Android as well.



ChatRandom is also a good alternative to Omegle text chat and video chat. Just like Omegle, you can also join in with thousands of online people and chat with them anonymously. No registration required. As the name says, ChatRandom pair you with random people on the site for both one-to-one video chat or text chat. All without leaking your real identity. If you don’t like a person or wants to talk to somebody else, just click next and ChatRandom will randomly pick someone else to talk to. Joining chat rooms or creating your own chat room is a new addition to this website.

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ChatKaro is an Indian version of Omegle. Recently it exploded in other countries like the USA, Pakistan, Australi, New-Zeland, and the Philippines. Just like Omegle, you can come online and chat with strangers from all the over the world anonymously by signing in as a guest user. You can also register with your details if you find that interesting. You can take part in a group conversation, start a private conversation with other active users and you can also start a private video chat with active online members. This site is very easy to navigate and supports all modern browsers. This is really an interesting Omegle like site to talk and make friends with strangers from all over the world.



Learning a new language is one of the best things you can do in your life. It gives you a whole new perspective about a different country, their culture, and their daily life. And the best way to learn and polish a new language is to talk to people from that language. Hope Speak hopes to do the same with their online chatting platform. You can join and talk to strangers from a different country, learn their language, and make friends. You can do voice, video and text chat here at HopeSpeak. HopeSpeak pairs you with strangers based on your hobbies and language preferences. Many people also use this website to find a business partner, clients, and online connection. You don’t have to do all of this fancy stuff. You can simply make a friend and speak to anytime you like.

HopeSpeak might not be the kind of Omegle alternative sites you were looking for. But it is an interesting website to meet strangers to learn and practice a new language.

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How to Unblock Omegle Random Chatting Website?

Lately, ISPs are banning Omegle for different reasons and because of that many genuine Omegle users are not able to use this platform. If you are one of them and wants to know how you can unblock Omegle, then keep reading.

The best way to unblock Omegle is to use a VPN. VPN helps you to not just access Omegle; it also helps you access any blocked content from the internet. The only VPN we suggest for this purpose is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is cheap, fast and has no logging policy. Which means, no one is monitoring your online activity which can not be said for certain about your ISP.

Using VPN is also very easy. It just takes a couple of clicks to install and set up a VPN network. Head on to ExpressVPN and gift yourself a VPN that not just helps you unblock Omegle, but also helps you keep your online privacy in your hand.

How to Be Safe While Talking to Strangers Online

Talking to strangers is fun, but it can also be dangerous. As much as we like to see the world in the positive eye, the fact is that the internet is not a safe place. So, if you want to be safe on the internet especially when you are talking to a stranger that you found on a random website, it is necessary to be a little cautious. Here are few things you need to remember and follow to be safe online while using any of the above websites.

  1. Never share any personal information. You never know what the person another side of the screen is capable of doing. Or what his/intentions are. It is wise not to share anything that you might regret later.
  2. Never open any link shared by the stranger. There are many scammers on these websites where they direct you to go to a website for many reasons. Don’t follow those links. That person might be a scammer trying to steal your private data or worse install some malware on to your device.
  3. Add your interest. Many text/video chat websites like Omegle, let you add your interest. Always use that to get paired with like-minded people. Otherwise, you’ll most probably get paired with some pervert.
  4. Report the abuser. If the stranger from another side of the screen, start behaving inappropriately, terminate the chat immediately and flag the user.

Have fun… that is why you are here.


So there you have it. Best free sites similar to Omegle where you can talk to random strangers online anonymously. All of the sites that we mentioned here are free for anyone. And also most of the sites don’t even require registration so that you can be really anonymous. We have also shared how to unblock Omegle in case you only want to access Omegle. And for your safety, we have shared a few tips on how you can be safe while chatting with an online stranger. I hope you like this article. If you did, hit the share button and share with your friends.


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