How to Enable Dark Mode on Gmail App for Android and Desktop

How to Enable Dark Mode on Gmail App for Android and Desktop
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Dark mode is the new trends in the UI design. In a dark theme mode, you have a dark background mostly black or dark gray and the texts are in white. This design is very easy for the eye and as well as it looks modern. The dark mode also proved to be battery efficient, especially if your devices rocks an AMOLED display (many phones are coming with AMOLED displays). In a recent study by Google, it has been proved that dark mode help saves battery and make your phone last little longer. Following the event, Google has enabled dark mode in most of its apps and services. You can see a dark themed YouTube (both app and desktop), Google News App, Google Messages app for Android, and many others. You can read our article on how to active dark mode for all supported Google apps and services. Not just Google, many other service providers are also launching or have launched dark mode for their software and apps. Apple has added an OS-wide dark mode, while Twitter has added dark mode for both apps and website, there is also news that WhatsApp is also testing a dark mode for WhatsApp.

But one app or website many people looking to get a dark mode is Gmail. Google has added many features to its mailing service, but it is yet to receive a dark mode. Many people are now looking for ways to make their own Gmail dark mode for Android as well as on the desktop computer.

Here in this article, I will show you how you can make your Gmail app dark themed on Desktop and on Android.

How to Enable Gmail Dark Mode on Desktop Computer

Adding dark themed night mode to Gmail for the browser on a computer is very easy if you follow the steps in the correct order.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Log in to your Google account if you are not already.
  • Now, in your Gmail, you can see a gear ⚙︎ icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on that and then select ‘Themes.’
  • You will now get a theme selection pop-up with various themes.
  • In the theme selector, select the ‘Dark’ theme and click save.

You now should have a Gmail app with dark mode enabled.

How to Get Dark Mode Gmail app on Android

Unfortunately, there is no official way of turning Gmail into dark mode Gmail on Android. There two workarounds, however, they are not easy and not something you would like in the first place. I am mentioning them anyway for anyone who wants just to take a peek at what future dark mode on Gmail might look like.

1. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum Theme Engine is a theming tool that lets you apply system-wide themes. With Substratum you can choose and apply themes from hundreds of skins that you can download off of the internet.

One of the most popular Substratum Skin ‘Swift Black‘ lets you apply system-wide dark mode including Gmail. With this skin, you can make your Gmail dark themed on Android.

It sounds all good, right? Well, it is not. For starter, making Substratum theme work is a challenge in itself — also there are many restrictions on Substratum. If you are interested in learning how Substratum theme engine work and how you can apply themes then I would suggest you check XDA forum for more information.

2. Color Inversion

This is the ridiculous thing you will ever read for enabling dark mode for any app. Color inversion is an option baked into the accessibility settings of every android device. With this option turned on, you can invert colors on your android phone.

With Color Inversion option you can make Gmail app dark themed and let me tell you, Gmail app looks beautiful in dark mode. But the moment you exit the Gmail app you notice that the Color Inversion applies to all other apps and most of it look out of the place.

It is not a convenient method of applying dark mode on the Gmail app for Android. Perhaps if we could limit the color inversion to the Gmail app only then only this method would be helpful. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any workaround to the problem.


I hope you liked this article. I know you had a great expectation with this article, but honestly, these are all the methods I could find to make Gmail app dark mode on Android and desktop. Until Google enables dark mode natively to Gmail; we will have to work with what we have. If you know and have used any other methods to make your Gmail app dark themed then, please let us know.


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