30 Best Websites to Watch Free Unlocked Movies Online at School

30 Best Websites to Watch Free Unlocked Movies Online at School
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Unblocked movies are great sources of entertainment for school and college going students. Almost all the school, colleges, office and hostel nowadays use firewalls to restrict their students or workers from accessing entertainment related contents. Even though it is now getting easier for people to watch any movies at any time given they have a strong internet connection, but that cannot be said about school and workplaces. Due to the secure firewall setting, it is almost impossible to watch any movies, videos and TV shows from popular websites. That is the reason why many students are now turning to unblocked movie sites to watch their favorite movies. If you are also a student or live under the heavy firewall and wants to watch movies unblocked at school, then you are at right place.

We are going to share a long list of all kinds of full movies unblocked websites that can be used to watch films and TV contents by bypassing the firewall that has been put in place by your school or college administrative. Before I begin, I should tell you that every school or college has a different firewall method. So not all sites may work, and you may have to try all the sites to see which sites are working fine for you. But don’t worry, my list will cover more than 30 full movies unblocked 24 x 7 sites that by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll at least have a dozen sites that are working fine for you. And if you are wondering, yes all the sites will be FREE for viewers.

Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites

Best 30 Free Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Full Length Movies From School or College for Free

It is now time for a never-ending list of 30 best movies sites unblocked for school, college, Office and other restricted areas. These are non-proxy websites that mean you don’t need to have any proxy or VPN for accessing these websites. You can simply fire up your browser and type in the URL to access these mind-boggling free movies sites unblocked online anytime.

Pro Tip

Have you ever given your thought as to why movie sites are blocked at school, college and offices? This is to make sure that students or employees are using the internet for what they need and not on entertainment like movies and music. To do this, they mostly use firewalls. By installing a firewall, a network manager can block most of the “unnecessary” websites directly. Depending on the setting you can still be able to access many websites and again if your network manager is using a strong firewall setting, then you might not be even able to access any of the movie sites mentioned down below. The best way to get around any strong firewall is a good VPN.

There are many VPN providers that you can use to watch movies, videos and listen to songs from any restricted area. But the one we use and suggest is Nord VPN. Nord VPN is one of the best VPN service providers which is not so expensive. You can buy Nord VPN subscription with as low as $2.75 per month.

For the free option, you can consider using Tunnel Bear which provides free 500MB bandwidth each month.

1. VMovee

Watch Unlimited Unrestricted movies on vMovee

VMovee.xyz is one of the best websites that I’ve been using for a couple of months when it comes to unblocked film websites. Here you can actually watch literally hundreds of movies in HD without having to worry about any restriction. You can watch choose from both old and latest movies as per your need. A simple looking website with only a few yet useful features on the homepage. Popular Movies, Latest Movies, Recent Movies, Features Movies, Popular TV Shows, and Recent TV Shows are the only options you see along with the search bar on the homepage. If you go to the movie section, you can also sort movies there, by genres, and release year.

Not just movies, you can also find all the popular TV shows available for streaming. My only concern about this website is that its aggressive use of pop-up ads. Nevertheless, if you want to watch movies without getting stuck behind the firewall that has been put up by your administrative, this is a great movie site to start with.

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2. Putlocker

Best of Free Unblocked Movies: Putlocker

Putlocker used to be one of the best websites to watch bootleg online movies. But unfortunately, the government has shut down its operation last year which led to an urgent flood of thousands of clone sites. Even though many clone websites are fake, there are few which are doing exceptional jobs to keep the Putlocker legacy alive. One of my favorite Putlocker alternative websites is putlockers.gs. You can watch pretty much all kind of movies, TV shows, and videos online for free. And the best part is because it is a clone website not many firewalls able to detect this. In short, there is a high chance of this website being unblocked in your school.

If you loved Putlocker unblocked movie site, then you might also want to check out our article where we have shared all the possible Putlocker alternative sites.

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3. YouTube

Best free sites to stream unblocked movies at school

YouTube is the biggest video search engine and only 2nd to the Google for global search. You can find almost all kind of videos on YouTube from funny cat videos to guides to make rocket parts. Apart from videos, you can also find tons of movies on YouTube, and due to its nature, YouTube is generally unblocked in most of the school and colleges. To watch a movie, you just simply search the film name on YouTube and afterward click on the movie name and start streaming. All the movies, videos, songs, tutorials are available for free on YouTube. In some rare cases, you might not be able to watch a movie freely due to copyright issue. In that case, you can rent that movie from YouTube by paying a small fee. Overall most of the time you can access unblocked movies on YouTube for free from your school, college and office computer.

4. Archive

Archive.org also known as the Internet Archive is a great place for anyone looking to watch unblocked movies. It has one of the best collections of bold old and latest movies. Being an internet archive book, there is a very thin chance of it being blocked by any firewall. You can freely access this from any school, College, Workplace or office without getting any error message. Archive.org is also legal in almost all the countries. Apart from movies, you can also find videos, songs, audio, and Tv shows for free. This is one place destination for anyone looking to bypass their firewall restriction to access unblocked films, videos, Tv series, and unblocked songs at school.

5. PopcornTime


PopcornTime.sh is among the best app for watching unblocked movies from any device. It is a torrent client based streaming app available for almost all major operating systems. You can download this app from the official website on your work PC and enjoy latest and old Tv series and movies. It has a huge number of movies in all categories largely thanks to millions of users around the world submitting new movies to the PopcornTime. PopcornTime is an app based streaming portal, and because of that, there are a very few chances of being blocked by any institution. Apart from movies, you can also watch the latest series, anime and popular internet videos. PopcornTime is available for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and Android TV. Sorry iPhone users, there is no app as of now for iOS devices.

Even though PopcornTime is not an unblocked website for movies, it is somewhat similar. The only difference is here is that you have to download a program to enjoy unlimited, unrestricted movies from your school, college or office network.

6. Unblocked Movies Google Sites

Google sites for unblocked movies are very popular among the teenagers as it guarantees unblocked in almost 100% of schools. Google is among the top search engine giants in the world and for its usefulness the domain Google.com is found unblocked in all the school and workplaces. These Google Sites are Google subdomain platform where people can create their own site for free. There are many unblocked websites now available where you can watch all kind of movies, songs and Tv series for free.

Finding Unblocked Google sites for movies at school is little tricky. I’ll be listing all the popular Google unblocked sites here. I’ll try my best to keep the list as relevant as possible and also be adding new sites to the list very often. So, don’t forget to check back us again.

Best Free Unblocked Movies Google Sites
Unblocked MoviesLink
Munro Clan MoviesLink
Unslaved MoviesLink
google drive unblocked moviesLink

7. Tubi TV


TubiTv.com is an online streaming portal which gives more importance to user experience than any of its competitors. You can watch all kind of movies and TV series here for free for unlimited hours. To keep spammers and bots away, Tubi Tv has adopted a registration only operation. You can log in using your Facebook for faster login. The database of movies and Tv shows is huge, especially for a free site. It has a modern player which allows you to choose video quality, languages and subtitle for each film and Tv drama shows.

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix.com is a website for watching and downloading movies for free from its high-quality movie library. You can watch an unlimited number of movies anytime from anywhere. Many people confuse PopcornFlix with PopcornTime. Even though both have ‘popcorn’ in their name, they are entirely different in many ways. While PopcornTime is an app based network, PopcornFlix is a website. Also, PopcornTime is based on torrent technology, and many people would argue that it is illegal at the same time PopcornFlix host all the movies on their own server and it is completely legal platform. We are getting little off track here. The main reason why PopcornFlix is on this list is that it is unblocked and gives users unrestricted access to their movies and Tv shows library.

9. Vumoo

Vumoo is next on this list where you can stream free movies in all popular categories. The movie library of this website is good enough to find interesting movies to watch from school, college or institutes. Vumoo has an interesting interface which looks somewhat similar to Netflix. You can find all the popular and latest movies on the homepage. You can also dive deep using Browse option or by searching a movie name. Not just movies, Vumoo is also a place to discover Anime and TV series. Everything available for streaming for FREE.

10. Hotstar

watch unlimited unblocked movies from Hotstar

If you are someone who likes to watch Indian movies online or you are someone from India then you should probably try Hotstar.com. Hotstar is a popular online streaming platform for watching Indian movies, TV episodes, Bollywood events, live sports and Hotstar original content. Hotstar is also unblocked in many places. Movie and TV show library of Hotstar is very limited, but they are adding new movies almost everyday to their database. Currently, Hotstar is only available for India. If you live in India, then there shouldn’t be any issue for you accessing this website. But if you live outside of India, then you are going to need a good and strong VPN for accessing Hotstar. I personally recommend NordVPN for all kind of streaming services.

11. Viewster

Viewster anime websites to watch anime

Viewster.com is another popular legal movie website to catch all the latest unblocked films for free. You can watch all kind of latest movies, videos and anime series on this website for free. No need to buy any subscriptions here neither you have to register. One can simply choose a movie and start watching. Keep in mind that free sites like this run solely on advertisement.

12. Sony Crackle

SonyCrackle.com formerly known as Crackle is also one of the best websites to find free movies unblocked online. Just like the above site, Crackle is also an ad-based legal online movie content platform. Here you can stream many movies for free anytime, and the best part is in my understanding this movie website is unblocked in many places. If you want a film site where you want to watch movies from a wide variety and for free at school, then you should give Crackle a try.

13. MoviesNoLimit

MoviesNoLimit.to: as the name says, it has a huge collection of movies that you can watch without any limit. With this interesting movie website, you can access movies, anime, and TV series that can watch from any device. Unlike many free websites, this website gets regular update. You can also create your own account to follow your favorite channels and keep a track of your watch history.

14. YahooView (USA Only)

Yahoo recently acquired Hulu and named it YahooView. It is a well-established streaming platform which is unfortunately only available for the USA. If you are from the USA, then you can access a wide variety of movies from YahooView for free. Yahoo also has a paid subscription where you can access a lot of movies. YahooView is a new platform, and it is believed to be unblocked in many schools, colleges, offices, and institutes. Not just movies, YahooView has a good library of free anime and Tv series.

15. SnagFilms

The next unblocked movie website is Snagfilms. Snagfilms is among the top websites when it comes to free online content streaming. Snagfilms has a decent number of movies in all categories. It also stores some good Tv shows for streaming. You should definitely give this site a go.

16. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is another slightly unknown movie website found unblocked at various school and workplaces. As the name suggests, this streaming website is specialized in airing documentaries in various genres. There are many documentary movies dedicated to various global events, science research, the lifestyle of different communities, and more. You will get to learn a lot of interesting discoveries and prospects of different events which will broaden your horizon.

15 More Free unblocked Movies Online At School and College

15 More Best Unblocked Movies Sites Online at School
Sites Name
HD Popcorns
Watch-Online Movies

Final Thought

We are very much at the end of this article. I’ve listed all the known unblocked movie sites online that you can use to watch unlimited movies unrestricted at anytime. These sites are also free for the most part so you should be fine. In case any of the 30 sites didn’t work for you at your school or institute drop a comment down below, and I’ll replace the sites with an alternative. As I said earlier, the best way to get rid of a firewall is a VPN. If you constantly watch unblocked movies or access blocked website, then it is a good idea to invest in a good VPN like NordVPN.

I hope you liked this article. If you have ever used any of the above-mentioned sites, then please comment your experience down in the comment section, I am really curious to know how was your experience.


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