Best Music Apps to Take Music Offline to Listen Without WiFi

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Best Music Apps to Play Music Without WiFi

Music streaming is one of the coolest things to come out of this online revolution. You can explore millions of songs, thousands of artists and their work from anywhere in the world. No matter how convenient online might sound it also has its caveat. The main limitation is that it requires internet all the time to listen to songs. No matter how good our cities and homes are connected to the Internet, it is impossible to stay connected to the WiFi 100% of the time. Especially when you are traveling or visiting any rural places. Mobile data can be an option, but we know it can not be trusted all the times. Also, mobile plans are expensive. So it is wise to take your music collection offline for such scenarios. Thankfully most modern music streaming platforms are now adding offline functionality to their app. Here are a few popular music streaming apps with offline features to listen to music without WiFi and internet connection.


Spotify music app

Spotify, the biggest music streaming platform is now allowing users to take music offline. With Spotify, you can take 3,333 songs offline for offline streaming. This number is more than enough for an average music streamer to last few months. Spotify offline is available on Spotify apps across devices. But the bad news is that you have to be Spotify Premium subscriber to be able to enjoy this feature.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music app offline

Amazon Music is the music streaming platform from Amazon. It is one of the biggest music streaming service provider in the world. Amazon music has millions of songs in more than 50 languages and available in 50+ countries. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you can get Amazon Music at a discounted price and even free in few countries like India.

Amazon Music also features offline music option in its Android and iOS app. With this feature, you can download unlimited songs to listen then offline.

Apple Music

Apple Music-app-offline

Apple Music is also among the top music streaming platform with more than 50 millions of songs and millions of subscribers. Apple Music app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple Music app also comes with free offline download feature. This allows users to download their favorite songs in the device temporarily to listen to them offline without WiFi and the internet connection.

Groove Music


Groove Music is a digital music streaming platform from Microsoft with more than 18 million songs in the catalog. Groove Music offers a lot of features such as adding music from local storage, accessing and playing media from OneDrive and accessing millions of songs with a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you have a Groove Music subscription, you will be pleased to know that now you can take your music playlist offline using its app. Groove Music app is available for all major OS platforms, and you can take your music offline on any of its apps.


These are the best music apps available where you can take your music offline to play then without requiring the internet connection. There are more other apps like these, but most of them are not legal which might lead you to any problem.

I hope you liked this article. I will be looking forward to hearing what you have to say about these offline music streaming apps.


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